• Exam dates for ADMCA, HDMCA and IDCAF: July 26 and 27
  • Admissions for the September batch of the Residential Practice Program (RPP) are now open


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Shape your financial career with Diploma in IFRS



Accountants Academy offers a one-month long IFRS diploma program as part of their courses. If you’re looking to kickstart your accounting career or elevate your skillset, then this course is for you. Diploma in IFRS is designed to make you an expert in International Financial Reporting Standards. You will attain mastery in its application, its concepts and principles. It’s also vital for interfirm comparison. After completion of the Diploma in IFRS, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the standards and further receive a certification in IFRS from our institute. This course also proves beneficial for those looking to be employed in an environment that needs reporting using the International Financial Reporting Standards. Diploma in IFRS opens up an avenue of opportunities to you such as auditor, financial analyst, IFRS specialist, accounting manager, financial controller and so forth.


  • International Financial Reporting Standard


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